Breast Greens

R 215.00

When your milk needs a boost, but you would rather skip the carbs, calories, and chemicals, try our all-natural breast greens capsules. We added 5 galactagogues, known to boost breastmilk, such as Goat’s Rue, Spirulina, Cumin, Fennel, Alfalfa and Moringa.

90 Capsules.

YML's capsules not only assist in milk production but also provides a burst of nutrients thanks to Moringa and Spirulina (considered the most nutrient-dense food in the world). Most moms suffer blood loss after birth and spirulina is a great source of bio-available iron. Spirulina also helps to accelerate fat loss goals and to detox your body while boosting your immune system. While their herbs do their magic to increase milk production, they also help nourish your body AND your milk.