Breastfeeding Starter Pack

R 649.00

This Breastfeeding Starter Pack consists of:

The Award-winning MamaMoo Silicone Breast Pump (1 Pump and Lid): Our pumps can draw out colostrum hands-free while you are taking care of your little one, sorts engorgement out and moments, and start building your freezer stash from Day 1. This is all possible with the well-loved MamaMoo Silicone Pump.

MamaMilk Milk Freezer Bags (30 Bags) come pre-sterilised, with a double Zipper and handy spout to make freezing your breastmilk a breeze.

The MamaMoo Ventilated Deluxe Breast Shells (one set, with case and stopper) have a dual purpose- Firstly they are very comfortable, allowing you to wear them instead of your breast pads. You can therefore save every drop of milk you would have lost during the day, while saving money on breast pads as well. Their second purpose is ventilating the nipple, while allows for quicker healing without the painful friction of a breastpad.

One set of MamaMoo Silicone Breast Shields, super thin and half-moon shaped.