Carriwell Hospital Readiness Pack 2 (2 Packs Pads, 2 Packs Panties & 1 Pack Linen Savers)

R 269.00
Carriwell Maternity Hospital Panties (2 Pack)

The Carriwell Hospital panty ensures that the period of after birth bleeding is managed discretely and hygienically. These washable hospital panties are specifically designed to hold post birth pads securely in place.

Carriwell Maternity Pads Extra Large & Ultra Absorbent (12 Pack)

For those days when nothing else will help ....

A good maternity pad is vitally important for mums that have just given birth, either naturally or by cesarean section. Carriwell maternity pads are designed to offer total confidence and absolute protection.

Carriwell Linen Savers (10 Pack)

Linen Savers afford maximum protection by forming a moisture barrier between skin and bedding.