EASTER HAMPER: Single Electric Pump, Professional Cooler and Breastfeeding Cover

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This hamper includes the following:

Breastfeeding Cover: 5in1 or Breastfeeding Cover & Pouch, design of your choice.

Our 5 in 1 CoverBaby Breastfeeding Covers are so versatile and slot effortlessly into your hectic life. 

Wear your cover as a scarf when you aren't breastfeeding, and just pull it over you when you are nursing. You can also use it to cover baby's car sear or protect them from germs and nicks in a store trolley. 

Lastly, pull it over their feeding chair to catch all first foods as they learn to feed themselves.  

Professional Cooler: Design as per picture. 

Beautiful round Cooler with netting pouch inside, to store your breastmilk or pump.

Comes with an Ice Brick.

MamaMoo Portable Horigen 2239A Single Pump:

This compact, touch screen and Lithium Ion Single Pump uses 3D Pumping Technology for optimal pumping.

Small enough to pop into your purse, big enough to make a big difference:

This compact 2239A Single Breast Pump might look small, but is packed full of Horigen's award winning technology.
Exactly as a baby feeds at the breast, you express breast milk with gentle pressure, massage and vacuum.

Introducing natural pumping : the soft silicone shield molds to the nipple and areola during pumping like a baby breastfeeds. With gentle pressure, vacuum and massage you express in a relaxed way.

The 2239A comes with Horigen's Award-winning 3D Flange Sets: these are made entirely of silicone; that means that they completely enclose the nipple and areola and not only use a vacuum but also apply compression to effectively remove the milk from the breasts.

It is designed to prevent back-flow and makes use of closed circuit pumping. The pump is also equipped with dual modes, a touch panel and soft display- making it ideal for night pumping.

2239A has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and USB charger for when you don't have access to mains power.