FertipilPlus PCOS 60 Sachets

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Fertipil Plus PCOS is a scientifically designed product which focusses on assisting women in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, better known as PCOS.

The ingredients contained in Fertipil Plus PCOS have shown significantly increase chances of falling pregnant by reducing the size of cysts on the ovaries and producing more quality oocytes.

Studies have shown that the ingredients contained in Fertipil Plus PCOS can assist with:

  • Reducing the size of ovarian cysts
  • Improving the number of good quality of oocytes
  • Having an insulin sensitizing effect on the body
  • Regulating menstrual cycles
  • Promoting ovulation


INOSITOL                          2000mg

D-CHIRO INOSITOL          50mg

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID         100mg

FOLIC ACID                       250µg

DOSAGE:  Take 2 sachets daily. 1 in the morning and 1 at night. Mix the contents of each sachet with 250ml of water and drink.