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This Top of Range, Dual Motor Double Pump allows you to differentiate vacuum strength between each breast.

No two breasts are the same, even if both of them belongs to you. With this Top of Range Horigen Double Breast Pump, you can now set the strength per breast. Once you are done, simply switch off the specific motor via the touch screen.

This Upgraded, Digital Dual Motor 2226A Pump also makes use of Horigen's Award-winning Natural Flanges: Horigen breast flanges are made entirely of silicone; that means that they completely enclose the nipple and areola and not only use a vacuum but also apply compression to effectively remove the milk from the breasts.

Exactly as a baby feeds at the breast, you express breast milk with gentle pressure, massage and vacuum.

Introducing natural pumping : the soft silicone shield molds to the nipple and areola during pumping like a baby breastfeeds. With gentle pressure, vacuum and massage you express in a relaxed way.

The strong 2226A Chicture has 2 motors and the vacuum of the stock can therefore be set per breast . Not every breast is the same and may require different stimulation.

With the 2-phase system, you can easily switch from generating letdown reflex to expressing mode. In both modes you can adjust the vacuum as desired in 9 steps via the touchscreen . When you are done with double-sided pumping and want to continue pumping per breast, you can choose whether you want to pump the left or right breast via the touchscreen.

2226A Dual Motor has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery for all the loadshedding we experience. 

This amazing pump comes standard with a 21mm but you can choose your flange size on order.