MamaMoo Ergonomic Manual Pump (19mm, 22mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm)

R 429.00

As a South-African first, our MamaMoo Hand-Pump is designed to make pumping easy! So easy, in fact, that dad can pump while you snooze away! 

Each handpump comes with a ergonomic pumping mechanism that lies on your lap, allowing you to pump without having to contort your arm to the front of your chest for half an hour at a time. The all-silicone flanges also allows for soft, comfortable pumping.

The silicone flange can also stick to your breast like a silicone collector does, or you can keep it safely in place with a Boobytrapped Pumping Bra. 

Lastly, as another South African first, you can also choose your flange size according to your nipple measurement, ensuring the silicone flange suits you, making pumping pain-free and as effective as possible. 

  • Maximum Pump Vacuum: 375mmHg (check out the picture of us picking up our 1kg boob demos with the pump)
  • Full Silicone flange in your size
  • 150ml Bottle with teat.
  • 90cm tubing (between collector and pumping mechanism)