HoneyPod Closed System Wearable Single Pump

R 1,499.00 Regular price R 1,599.00

Research tells us that cycles - the amount of times a pump pumps on expression on a medium to high strength - must be more than 40/ min to stimulate supply.

We have therefore tested and sourced and searched and we are DELIGHTED to announce that we finally have a pump that is not only strong enough (275mmHg) but also fast enough (45 cycles / minute) on Expression Level 5 of 6.

Pump wire- and hands-free with this portable, wearable single breast pump that fits under your clothing and promises discreet pumping.

Our new, upgraded pump has 9 levels on all four settings: (9 Levels Stimulation mode, 9 Levels Expression mode, 9 Levels 2-in-1 Mode and 9 Levels in Dual Frequency mode). 

Low noise (<55db) allows you to pump in the middle of your Zoom meeting without anyone being the wiser.

A full silicone breast shield allows for soft, comfortable pumping with a 28mm shield 24mm and 21mm flange insert (all inclusive)

1500mAh Lithium Ion Battery

The collection unit holds 150ml.

Maximum vacuum strength is 300mmHg.



Please follow the charging and usage instructions in the booklet.

Do not use any other cord, charger or adapter for this pump.