Pregnapil Plus Maternity & Breastfeeding Supplement

R 129.00


  • Pregnapil Plus has been scientifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The ingredients contained in Pregnapil Plus have been proven to provide pregnant women with essential nutrients required for development and overall health for mother and baby.
  • Pregnapil Plus contains the daily recommended dosage of Folic Acid and 19 other essential nutrients.
  • Pregnapil Plus also assists with fatigue during and after pregnancy and can act as a sustainable supplement during breastfeeding for production of breast milk and keeps you healthy during and after your pregnancy.
  • Pregnpil Plus can be taken as a daily multivitamin long after your pregnancy to keep you healthy and to provide you with nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.

Dosage and Directions:

One box of Pregnapil Plus contains 30 capsules. Take one capsule daily. Pregnapil Plus can be taken as a daily multivitamin.