Set of Reusable PEVA Bags (13 Bags)

R 299.00

If you are searching for a eco-friendly way to store your milk or even baby's first foods, we have just the answer for you. PEVA Bags are the latest answer to single use plastic bags, since each PEVA bag can be used up to 350 times. 

They are also BPA free and spill-free, since they come with a double zipper closure. 

This set consists of 13 PEVA Bags:

5x Bags measure 21cm x 12cm, and can take 250ml

7x Bags measure 21cm x 18,5cm and can take up to 400ml

1x Bag measures 27cm x 28cm and can take a maximum of 2500mls

After you have used them for breastmilk, these bags can also be used for first foods, frozen snacks, veggies, fruits, soups and much more.


To clean:

Simply wash with a mild detergent such as Sunlight Liquid and rinse well. Dry by hand or by having them stand over a cup.