Yummy Mummy Pure Collagen

R 199.00

Benefits of our amazing Pure Collagen:
- Improved skin texture.
- Moisture retention in the skin.
- Decreased facial wrinkling.
- Rebuilds Cartilage.
- Improves bone mineral density.
- Strengthens joints and ligaments.
- Speeds up post-partum recovery.
- Pure Hydrolysed Collagen for enhanced beauty, health and wellness!

Adapt the servings to your desired results

5 grams: Increased joint and skin health.

10-15 grams: Reduced inflammation, strengthens the digestive system, reduces fine lines and cellulite.

16-30 grams: Ideal for muscle recovery, post-partum healing and increased joint mobility.

What's in the box
1 x 200g Pure Collagen Jar