How this Mama got her Moo

It all started with the early vocalisation of a concept that I have been thinking of for some time: "Dad, I want to start a business in Silicone". 

As a young mother I knew very little of this material responsible for the colourful products you see everywhere, but I knew it was easy to sterilise, dishwasher safe and soft to touch, and for this scatter-brained mom with two boys under three and no time on her hands, this was all I need to know. 

This decision, made in my small office in a beautiful Private Hospital in Pretoria, led to the birth of Rhyli, our Umbrella brand, and subsequently to the birth of MamaMoo, SiliBaby and Unbreakable Wine Glass, all silicone brands in their own right. 

MamaMoo was born a few months later, on the couch in our small home in the East of Pretoria. With her word-designed logo and bright yellow Coolers we thought to give her a go, not knowing that she will open doors and ignite a great love for breastfeeding and working with moms. Over the next few years she would take me on journeys I never would have imagined, introduce me to people who enriches both our brand and my life, and give me the opportunity to work with moms daily- we are so blessed.

During those years we also rebranded her, got rid of the bright yellow coolers, invested in silicone engineering and even won a few awards, learning every step of the way and always thinking of how we can better serve our market.

Thank You for being part of this MamaMoo journey.