Deluxe Breast Shells

R 249.00

Breast shells are designed to benefit you in three ways. First, it serves as a nipple protector, protecting sore nipples from friction with the bra, promoting ventilation, which further promotes the healing of cracked sore nipples. Secondly, they act as milk savers as they help you catch and save leaking milk, either while moving around between feeding sessions or while baby is nursing. Thirdly, as breast pads to prevent damp visible patches on your clothing. Made of food-grade material (BPA-free) which is safe for your health. The soft silicone base of the shield fits your body comfortably.

- Relieves discomfort and pressure
- Collects every drop of breastmilk
- Prevents damp patches on clothing
- Comfortable
- Discreet

- Made of food-grade silicone
- BPA-free
- Unique design with air vents
- Fits any size bra

How to use:
1.Put the breast shell inside your bra;
2. Place the air vents upward;
3.Every 2 hours, take off the shells.
4.Pour the collected milk into a bottle.

What's in the box
2x Breast Shells