MilkPod Wearable Breast Pump with free shipping

R 1,599.00
Research tells us that cycles - the amount of times a pump pumps on expression on a medium to high strength - must be more than 40/ min to stimulate supply.

We have therefore tested and sourced and searched and we are DELIGHTED to announce that we finally have a pump that is not only strong enough (275mmHg) but also fast enough (45 cycles / minute) on Expression Level 5 of 6.
Pump wire- and hands-free with this portable, wearable single breast pump that fits under your clothing and promises discreet pumping. 
Our MilkPod pump comes with:
- 3 programmes
- 28mm, 24mm and 21mm soft silicone
flange inserts
- 1500 mAh lithium ion battery
- 150ml collection unit
- low noise and discreet pumping