Pure Silver Nursing Cups (.999 Pure Silver, set of two with FREE silicone rim protectors)

R 890.00

Pure, certified .999 Pure Silver nursing cups to heal and protect from sore and cracked nipples. Silver is known to accelerate healing as well as protect your sensitive nipples from harsh clothing. 

Our Cups have been tested and certified by third parties to be .999% pure silver, as well as Nickel, lead and cadmium free.

Different sizes for different moms: Our Pure Silver Cups come in both 45mm and 55mm in diameter.

Here in South Africa we are blessed with nipples from all shapes and sizes and therefore have a size to fit any mom. 

No nipple creams needed, a bit of breastmilk and the silver cups is all you need. The cups are odorless and doesnt make your nipples taste like anything different. 

Easy to use, comfortable to wear: The rounded and anatomical shape of the Silver Nursing Cups make them comfortable to wear and Easy-to-Use. Simply place them on your nipples and put on your bra. To benefit from the healing and therapeutic properties of your breastmilk, you can also apply a drop of your breastmilk inside the silver nipple cups prior to placing them on your nipples.

We recommend putting a breast pad over the silver cups to prevent any milk spilling out into your clothes.